It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I love the Christmas spirit, going back home like the turrón (Vuelve a casa vuelve, vuelve a tu hogar! A very popular ad from when I was little) and spending time with my family while I do NOTHING, because I never work in Christmas hehe. What I don’t like is all the waste left from dinners and gifts packaging – but this year I want to make it right. I’ve decided to have a more eco friendly Christmas this 2019!

The problem here is, I’m the last monkey, as we say in Spanish. I’m kind of a guest at my parents parties: I come the day before Christmas Eve and I leave just after the Three Wise Men day (the 6th January). As you can imagine, I have very little to say about big decisions such as what we will have for dinner, and what others will give for gifts. But there are some things I can influence in (or at least, die trying!).

So here are my top tips for a more eco friendly Christmas:

Christmas decorations

Oh, the Christmas tree! Oh, it’s decorations! Oh, the lights! Oh, how beautiful is to set it up, and how annoying is to take everything off!

Decorating the house is my favourite part of the Christmas traditions. Unfortunately, I don’t get to do it very often as I usually arrive at my parents when it’s all done – and I never feel like doing it at my flat, since I’m not really going to stay there. What a shame! However, this year I have convinced my parents and sister (who already needed to change some decorations) to buy new wooden ones. Here are some of my picks (that hopefully they will have taken into consideration!):

There’s something that really bothers me, though, about Christmas decorations: the trees. Millions of real trees get cut every year just to fulfill our Christmas decoration needs. It really hurts seeing them abandoned in the streets as soon as the holidays are over. But is it better having a fake Christmas tree? I used to think so, but then I found this post. Please read it if you want to know more about how to choose between a fake Christmas tree and a natural one.


Now as I mentioned already, I’m not in charge of the menu but my dear little sister and I are going to make dessert and that’s something I can work with. To be honest, I’m not even close to be vegan or vegetarian, but after seeing what my aunts and uncle have planned (a full menu made of pork and chicken) I kinda wish I were!

However, if you are in charge of your own Christmas dinner, in my Recipes section you will find a few recipes I’d like to try on! And I sure will, once I’m back to my own, ugly kitchen.


This is probably the easiest way of making a difference this Christmas! Together with packaging, is the main part of the whole celebration where I can make my own decisions. And so do you! But truth be told, getting presents that are fully plastic free can be a bit complicated. Fortunately, lots of shops and brands are becoming aware of the problem plastic and the likes suppose. Take a look at my post Eco-friendly Ideas for Christmas Gifts if you are looking for some inspiration!


One of the best parts of Christmas day is tearing apart the wrapping paper when opening your presents. However, most of times this paper isn’t recyclable and shouldn’t be burned in the fireplace either. This is because it contains plastic, foil or other non paper materials, and sometimes even sticky tape. Bows and ribbons aren’t recyclable either. Here are some great ideas you could use to wrap your presents this year – I really like number 6, isn’t it quite original?

Eco Friendly Packaging Christmas
Remember: wrapping paper contains plastic, and shouldn’t be recycled or burned!

How do you make your Christmas more eco friendly? I want to know your tips and tricks!