Merry, Plastic Free Christmas!

 December, the month where the boundaries between consumerism and good intentions become undefined. The dark and cold outside world finds a radical opposite inside the houses, shops and city streets. This is the best time of the year for celebration, but it’s also a great moment to look at ourselves and reflect about the way we live.

Christmas celebrations are just another way of saying, Hey Winter! You don’t scare me! For some, of course, it’s the celebration of Christianism, but for me and my family (a bit of paganism comes in place here), we care more about the Invictus Sun – the Solstice of winter, when the sun starts taking over darkness again. However, that’s doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy Christmas traditions like the next guy! 

Of course, this means a lot of EXPENSES and waste, both in food and unnecessary items… I mean, presents; presents that we buy and receive with excitement. But for someone as concerned about the environment as me, this is a bit of a nightmare. Is it possible to have a merry, plastic free Christmas? 


Vegan mushroom, chestnut & cranberry tart

Looking for a scrumptious vegan Christmas dinner? This is probably the time of the year when we eat the most, and if you’re hosting it’s important to have options for everybody.

Tips For An Eco Friendly Christmas

I love the Christmas spirit! What I don’t like is all the waste that is left when dinners are over and presents have been given – but this year I want to make it right. I’m decided to have a more eco friendly Christmas this 2019!