Tidying Up With Sofia

So apparently November is already here. The end of 2019 is approaching so fast I’m a bit scared, to be honest. It’s amazing how quickly these last months have passed, and I’m starting to think if it’s going to be this way from now on… life is not going to be long enough for all the things I want to do!

As it was previously advertised, this month we are going to focus on tidying up, basically because my flat is a real mess and I can’t cope with it anymore. I’ve never been an organized person (at least on a physical level), although I have the feeling that this comes and goes with the seasons. When I lived in Spain, I still was a quite messy person (to be honest, no one in my family is particularly tidy) but at least I would use Saturday mornings to make my room look inhabitable. Things have changed A LOT since I live by myself and I don’t have to clean for someone else coming after me, and, as I usually say, my mess is my mess and it doesn’t bother me much.

 Since I’m back at the office (yay!) five days a week (doh!), I have less time to do anything and obviously I feel less willing to do it, but still have to! Preparing my CEP exam, writing, blogging (I want to take it more seriously from now on), making food, meeting friends… It all takes time, and with the days getting dark earlier as we get to December, my motivation is inversely proportional to my overpowering desire to sleep. So I would like to use my time wisely and invest it in things that I want to do – and tidying up is not one of them!

Reflecting on this issue, I came to realize something: maybe there’s a way of keeping everything in its place, so I don’t have to spend hours on Saturday morning trying to make this place look decent?

Here you will find all the posts I wrote about this topic in the month of November 2019!

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