You are aware of how what you eat affects your body, but do you know why what you use on it is also important? In today’s post, I want to dive into why are organic cosmetics better than regular cosmetics.

We all like taking care of our bodies. We watch what we eat, we work out a few times a week (well, I have to admit not me… not currently, at least)… And of course, we have a day-to-day beauty routine that we don’t like missing. Besides, we know very well what kind of food we enjoy and it’s actually good for us, and also what kind of exercise works better for our body. But we very often forget that our skin has its special needs as well! I told you more about this in my blog post Top 10 Winter Skincare Tips, which I’m linking here if you want to get ready for the cold that is approaching!

Finding your day or night cream, serum or favourite facial toner might take you years of trial and error. But…

The truth is, your non-organic beauty products

could be harming your health.

Non-organic hygiene and beauty products contain chemicals. Too many of them. Some of them have proved to be harmless and you shouldn’t worry about. But what about the other ones? Those that could pose a risk on your health?

why organic cosmetics are better

Why are organic cosmetics better than regular cosmetics?

Although experts don’t always agree on how chemicals found on beauty products affect your health, there are undeniable facts I want to bring on the table today. 

#1 Your skin can’t always reject harmful substances


The skin is the biggest organ in a human’s body, and it acts as a protective barrier against environmental influences. But your skin isn’t almighty! There are hundreds of elements it can’t face without absorbing. This is the case of certain chemicals that can be found in beauty products, in polluted air, clothes, water… 

It is important for you to know that, even if the EU takes cosmetics regulations quite seriously, some countries don’t. This means that you can feel quite safe if you buy a product made in the EU, but what if you’re buying from China or the USA? Sure, not all the products coming from outside the EU are going to be harmful. But chances are high that your cosmetic ingredients list will include at least one concerning chemical. 

The risks of these chemicals go beyond potential allergic reactions or irritation, as some of them have been linked to cancer and hormone disruptions. This is the case of formaldehyde (shampoos, body wash, bubble bath) or Butylatedhydroxy Anisole (lipsticks, moisturisers and others). Here is a red list of chemicals of concern in different categories. 

#2 Chemical components don’t break down when flushed away

Your body is not only affected by what you put ON it. It turns out that your cosmetic chemical ingredients can be found in what you eat and what you drink too, affecting your body from the inside. How is this possible, you may ask? 

Unfortunately for nature, the chemical components in our cosmetics and hygiene products don’t break down when flushed away. So when you are rinsing your shampoo, these chemicals go into the water. They can end up accumulating in the seas, lakes or river close to your hometown. There is no need to say how dangerous this is for the ecosystem, but it should be noted that we are also part of the ecosystem. We feed ourselves with vegetables that have been watered with polluted water (which we also drink) and animals that have been fed with these vegetables and drunk the same water. In the end, it all ends up being a cycle, in which we receive damage twice. 

are organic cosmetics better

So why should you use organic cosmetics instead of non-organic products? What can organic beauty do for you? Well, for me there are plenty of reasons why you should use organic hygiene products, but I want to highlight these five:

Reducing the toxic load on your body

Organic products are made of natural ingredients your body is able to recognise and process. This should definitely help avoiding the accumulation of elements that can be the cause of health issues. So let’s be realistic. There are plenty of risks derived from pollution out there that we cannot avoid. Doesn’t it make sense trying to reduce as many as possible, if it’s in our hands? 

Non-allergenic cosmetic

Organic cosmetics are made of natural ingredients that have been organically grown. This basically means that:

  • They are less likely to cause allergic reactions and irritation than chemical cosmetics.
  • As labels are much easier to read, you will be able to recognise your allergen from a long distance. 

They work better on your skin in the long term

Have you been using the same cream for years without seeing any real improvement? Or even worse: as soon as you stop using some product, your skin or hair goes back to a bad state. Non-organic cosmetics can give you visible results fast, but they don’t really nourish your skin or hair. In fact, they sort of work as a mask, covering the symptoms of what may be a specific need of your skin. At the same time, they are damaging your skin with their invasive chemicals. 

Organic beauty and hygiene products contain a high percentage of natural, active ingredients. They keep their original nutrients and will nourish your body from the outside. And, of course, organic cosmetics won’t hurt you in one way while trying to appear as they are helping in another. 

why organic cosmetics are better

Preserving the environment

Naturally grown ingredients are free from pesticides and fertilizers. The ingredients found in an organic product will break down when flushed away, they are not harmful to other species and don’t represent any kind of pollution. And they don’t leave a footprint in the environment either when they are made and when they are used. 

Good value for money

One of the most common ideas against organic products (whether it’s beauty or food), is that they are expensive. But this doesn’t always happen in beauty and cosmetics. Some famous non-organic brands as Clinique or Estée Lauder offer their cheapest product for no less than £15. At the end of the day, it seems worth it paying a few more bucks for a high-quality product that’s good for both nature and you. 

So, should you start buying organic cosmetics instead of spending money on products that could hurt you? I would say most likely yes… Don’t you think? I myself am going to do some research on the best organic cosmetic brands in the UK and maybe even some testing. I will get back to you with a post on it pretty soon 😊

Do you use organic cosmetics in your daily skincare routine? Which ones work better for you? Let me know in the comments below!