Your bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. Even if you are one of those people who only use the bedroom for sleeping, you really want it to be comfortable, warm and nicely decorated. In fact, a well designed bedroom is key for enjoying good nights of sleep. To complement my last post on 5 Easy Tips to Sleep Better and Rest Well, today I’m going to give you 7 Easy Tips to create Cozy Bedroom that will make you love your bedroom… and sleep better!!

My 7 Easy Tips to Create A Cozy Bedroom

Where to place your bed

As the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, your bed is going to be the focal point in this space. It usually is placed at the centre of the longest wall in the room, as this gives enough space for bedside tables and it gives the room focus.

However, sometimes this isn’t the best option. Where can you place your bed then? There are a few alternatives that you could consider:

  • Under a window: positioning your bed under a window will definitely be a pro if you love listening to the sounds of nature and waking up with sunlight in your face. However, it can get a bit cold during the winter, and you might feel that too much light coming in from the street won’t help you sleep at night.
  • As an island: for a big, modern design, you could place your bed in the middle of the room, just like an island. I know, it seems a bit unorthodox but it will definitely give your room a unique look! To make the bed feel less abandoned and define the space a little, you can place it on top of a beautiful rug or maybe add a headboard.
  • Opposite the door: so feng-shui tells you not to position your bed in front of doors or windows, as these are paths for the energy to come in the room (and, according to feng-shui, that’s too much energy for you when you’re sleeping! But you can fix this by using a room divider at the foot of your bed, for example. If you don’t believe in feng-shui, there’s also the chance that facing the door will give you a feeling of vulnerability at night. It usually is better just to place the door diagonally across from the entry anyway.
  • Corner bed: when wall space is limited and you would rather avoid having your bed under a window, you can go for a corner bed. A corner bed in angle will give the room a bold look, but remember that the space behind it would be compromised: you can balance this “wasted” space by adding a curtain, shelf or screen behind it.
    You can also position your bed against two walls, which means more functionality but if you’re sharing your bed it might be a bit hard getting in and out. However it’s perfect for single beds and children’s bedrooms.

The best bedroom lighting

When it comes to light in your bedroom, there are two things to consider.

The first one, this room is to sleep and any lights that come in at night can disturb your dreams. This is why blackout curtains or blinds are ESSENTIAL in any bedroom, but especially for the ones with a window facing East (just like mine: in summer, I usually wake up at 4 am with the bright light of the morning hitting my face… which would be lovely, if it were 8 am).

The second one, to ditch overhead lighting (it can be too bright) in favour of smaller lamps that you can set at different heights to create a play of light in your bedroom. Low-wattage bulbs and lampshade will give the room a warmer light. If you don’t want or can’t get rid of the overhead lighting, you can always put a dimmer on the lights for softer illumination. This won’t only give the room a nice touch but it will also help you fall asleep at night.

Play with patterns

Mixing patterns can seem intimidating, but it’s a great way of adding personality to a room. Here you have some tips that will help you mix your patterns with style:

  • Mix patterns with neutral tones: the eye needs a place to rest and too many patterns on top of each other will make the room look chaotic and outdated;
  • Use three different patterns in different scales in every room (for example, one large and two mediums);
  • Distribute patterns evenly throughout the room, otherwise, the design will look unbalanced;
  • Different patterns work better together if they are of the same hues, which is why mixing pastels and jewel tones (for example) won’t work;
  • Think about the style of the room, then you can decide about the patterns you will use: for a feminine look, you could go for florals; for an elegant room, damask is always a good choice; if you’re looking to create a vibrant, eclectic bedroom, why not try animal prints?

Use comfy rugs

Probably the easiest of my tips to create a cozy bedroom! A beautiful rug is able to turn the feeling of a room from meh to wow! It is also the first thing you come in contact with in the mornings and is there something better than the touch of a soft rug in your bare feet? It’s always a nice, warm feeling when leaving your bed.

When looking for a rug for bedrooms, you can choose between an area rug that will go under the bed (make sure it’s big enough to show at least 18 inches on both sides and at the bottom of the bed) or a smaller rug along the side of the mattress or at the foot of the bed.

To keep your rug in good shape, check out this article from The Spruce.

Buy a good mattress

There’s no such thing as a good sleep with the wrong mattress! I know, mattresses are expensive and it’s hard finding the right one, so we might end up buying any mattress just to save a little money. But my friend, that decision will give you more than one nightmare: besides making falling asleep more difficult, it can also hurt your spine and muscles, even your mental health!

So how can you choose the right mattress for yourself? You will need to pay attention to the following elements:

  • Material: foam, latex, and springs are the main materials mattresses are made of. In some cases, they are mixed in the same mattress, but just so you have a rough idea of what you may need, latex is great for people with dust allergies or asthma; foam mattresses will help those who suffer from muscular or back pain or share a bed, and spring mattresses are good for those who get overheated at night and have a more limited budget;
  • The height and weight of the people who will use the mattress;
  • Your sleeping position: depending on how you sleep, you will need a harder or softer mattress;
  • How often the mattress is going to be used: guest room mattresses can be cheaper than main room mattresses.

Keep technology out, bring books and nature in!

As said in the above-mentioned post in, circadian rhythms are the sleep-wake cycles that our body naturally follows. But due to our addiction to technology and the tendency to stay up until late using our phones or watching TV, the blue light from our devices is affecting our sleep patterns. Yeah, of course, you can use blue light glasses, but even then, keeping technology out of your bedroom will provide a better restful sleep environment.

Conversely, you can bring in other items that will create a more peaceful and relaxed environment, like plants and books.

On one hand, plants bring in the outside nature, making a room feel more alive and giving a touch of colour that I just LOVE. But there is another great benefit to having plants in any room of your house and that is that they can purify the air from toxins like formaldehyde or benzene, turning them into beautiful, necessary oxygen. They can also give you a sense of peace and they help relieve stress. Here you will find some of the best plants for your bedroom.

On the other hand, reading books is a great pre-sleep activity (as opposed to scrolling down on Instagram). They help unwind from the stress of a long day and they don’t release blue light, which is great. Needless to say, they will give your room an elegant touch.

Don’t overstuff your bedroom!

It’s easy to end up with a cluttered bedroom. If you were to follow all of these tips and others that you will find online, adding patterns, rugs, plants, books, throws, pillows, photos, etc. on top of what actually needs to be kept in your bedroom (p.e. your clothes, shoes and other stuff), your room could quickly turn into a chaotic space where it wouldn’t be comfortable to stay.

However, the bedroom is probably the most important place to cut clutter, as a too chaotic look might make you feel too unsettled to sleep well… and seeing a bunch of clothes and items to tidy up every morning won’t make you feel happy!

Therefore, try to find the style that suits you better and keep it simple, while keeping the mess under control!

So these are my 7 Easy Tips to Create a Cozy Bedroom. I have to say, for me, the last one is the hardest!! How do you keep your bedroom tidy all the time? My first post was actually about how to keep a clean house (and tidy!). You can check it out here.

What other tips do you have to make a bedroom cozy? Now that I’m back home on holidays, my parents are refurbishing every single room in the house and they are bringing new furniture for my sister’s bedroom next week. I can’t wait to see it finished and would love to hear your ideas!

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