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From a cat’s yawn to the Norwegian Fjords, there are millions of things on Earth that seem to be design to impress us. And I, a curious person by nature, non-conformist and creative, want to know about all of them.

Hi, I’m Sofia! I’ve lived in the UK since 2016, and in the past 8 years I have started to learn about love, health, and mental wellness. I was always a shy, sensitive kid, always wondering what made me different from others my age. Turns out, I wasn’t so, and the troubles I’ve faced and keep facing are universal.

Sofia’s Pencil is a project. One that I’ve been wanting to tackle since 2018. A space to talk mental health, from impostor syndrome to PMS symptoms, but also a blog about productivity and inspiration, and how to live well.

Will you join me in the adventure?

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