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Welcome to Sofia's Pencil

From a cat’s yawn to the Norwegian fjords, there are thousands of things in life that seem to have been designed just to amaze us!

Hi there! I’m Sofia, the owner of the Pencil and writer of this blog. Passionate about too many things (from the human body and soul to the power of plants, the magic of the Internet and the beauty of our Earth), I have been trying to blog about them for years and years. I have always been a close friend to unfinished projects, but Sofia’s Pencil promises to be the one that could change everything forever!

Are you ready for it?

This Autumn: Back to School!

I finished my studies in Modern Languages and Literature at University of Granada (Spain) on 2016. It took me a while, as I was really more into theatre and drinking than studying… Shouldn’t have said that. Ooops! 

It never occurred to me that I could end up studying a postgraduate degree on Creative Writing in University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and in another language. Well, I always said I like challenges. That’s why I chose Russian as a Lingua Maior in my Bachelor’s Degree… The root of all my problems! (Not really, no)

So here’s to a new school year and everything that comes with it! And cheers to me too, for following my dreams even though that will probably mean being poor forever 🥳

Recent Posts

Recipes, thoughts, health and beauty tips, reviews, my last trips, my logbook… What will come next? Keep an eye on my recent posts: there’s always one in the oven about to go live!

Book Review: Donna Leon’s “Trace Elements”

Book Review: Donna Leon’s “Trace Elements”

Donna Leon's Trace Elements is the latest of Brunetti's Mysteries, the series of books in which we follow Venetian detective Guido Brunetti during his investigations in the beautiful Italian city. Published on 2020, Trace Elements is Brunetti's 29th book. Her latest...

Why are organic cosmetics better for yours and the planet?

Why are organic cosmetics better for yours and the planet?

You are aware of how what you eat affects your body, but do you know why what you use on it is also important? In today's post, I want to dive into why are organic cosmetics better than regular cosmetics. We all like taking care of our bodies. We watch what we eat, we...

Last Challenges

Becoming an adult abroad is one big challenge, and I have just come to realize how many things I’m not doing right! These challenges are my (intended) way of growing habits that will turn me into the best version of myself. Will you join me in the adventure?

January, a month for

Spring: Find Your

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Not taking photos for a day is an impossible task. What do you think my phone is glued to my hand for? Here are some of my latest shots.